Sustainable development and environmental protection are not just phrases for us at ESOLIS – it is our aim and we have it rooted in our core brand promise. Only if our products guarantee efficiency are we also sustainable and thus we protect our environment at the same time in the highest degree. We also use for example, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and we package in a small as possible volume. And of course we support this by decentralised storage system to keep the transportation routes as short and effective as possible.

All this we try to follow through to the best of our knowledge and belief. It is a constant process and we are continuously working on improving this and keeping even higher standards. Everything we produce leaves traces and generates waste as the use of raw materials is indispensable. Therefore it is our biggest corporate responsibility to work on a constant optimization.

Finally, it is our concern to persuade our customers of the need for environmental protection. This cannot only save energy and costs through the use of LED-technology – but also most importantly preserve valuable resources and forgo the use of harmful substances like quicksilver. To make it a win-win situation for everybody!