Our quality management starts right with the acquisition of the right materials and continues throughout the whole production process.
Our supervisors control all production facilities in Asia of ESOLIS Ltd. From the purchase of the LED to the continuously ongoing production checks. The Ltd. is based in Hongkong and there every detail is checked and tested according to the guidelines of the most renowned German Testing institutes.
Our R&D teams in Germany work closely with the engineers in our production facilities. This enables us to provide a sustainable warranty of the quality and permanent optimization of our products.
The main priorities during development are: Ecology/Sustainability, Life Duration and the highest possible Efficiency/Performance.

Quality made for Germany is a promise.
Our products fulfill all the required guidelines and norms. Independent testing institutes like e.g. VDE and TÜV guarantee this.


The producer confirms and guarantees through the CE labelling that the product is consistent with prevailing European guide lines.

Governs the usage of certain dangerous materials in electric- and electronic devices. The Reach regulation data pool – enables us in the decision making which materials we are allowed to us in the future for what apoliances.

Is the guideline to reduce the increasing amount of electronic scrap from unused electric- and electronic devices.